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The Living Room Film Festival is happening now on a couch near you. This page is where we’ll be sharing info on our Online Screenings but also other recommendations of films we think you’d enjoy, and other bits that will keep you entertained and engaged until you can come back to see us in Uptown Normal.

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THE WORDS - Staff Pick by Kelly Gross

When shallow wannabe-writerTheWords_1 Rory (Bradley Cooper) finds an old manuscript tucked away in a bag, he decides to pass the work off as his own. The book, called "The Window Tears," brings Rory great acclaim, until the real author (Jeremy Irons) shows up and threatens to destroy Rory’s reputation. Cut to Clayton Hammond (Dennis Quaid), a writer whose popular novel "The Words" seems to mirror Rory’s story, leading to speculation that the tome is Hammond’s thinly veiled autobiography. PG-13 / 102 min. 2012

Directed by: Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal

Written by: Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal

Produced by: Michael Benaroya, Tatiana Kelly, & Jim Young

Cinematographer: Antonio Calvache

Editor: Leslie Jones

From KellyKellyG_Headshot

One of my favorite movies is The Words, starting Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Wilde, and Dennis Quaid, as well as quite a few others! I first saw this movie on a whim with my childhood best friend, we wanted to see something but didn’t know anything at the theatre that night so we chose this movie by chance. I absolutely fell in love with it right away, and I still can’t believe how random it was that we stumbled upon it. It’s hard to give a sampling of the plot because there are a lot of plot twists that I definitely don’t want to spoil!! Basically it’s a framed story with three frames: Clay’s life in one frame, Rory’s life in another, and a young soldier in the third. Clay wrote a book and is giving a reading, then we enter into the story and find Rory who is also an author. He is struggling to find a story to write until he stumbles into something on his honeymoon. I’ll leave the rest up to you to watch the movie ;) This is one of those movies I wish I could un-watch so I could be shocked by it all over again! Hope you enjoy :)