Vaudeville Mondays

A throwback to a bygone era of live entertainment, the Normal Theater is thrilled to present Vaudeville Mondays. Join us for an evening of theatre, comedy, music, dance, magic, film, lecture, demonstrations, and anything else you can imagine. Each show is a mixed bill with a diverse array of performances. This all-ages appropriate showcase of local performers of all disciplines is completely free to attend, and is a key aspect of the Normal Theater's mission to be a performance venue for and of the community.

Vaudeville Mondays

April 2nd

This show will feature the pitch perfect styling of Illinois State University's SECONDARY DOMINANCE and CLEF HANGERS. As always, our hosts Max and Mason, will provide plenty of comedy and a great show for you all. 

April 16th

This show will feature the singer-songwriter/woke human being from not-so Normal, IL, Sara Quah. Sara will bring music from her latest album "Taking Me Back" as well as a few other songs. Come on out for a great night of music and as always, our hosts Max and Mason, will provide plenty of comedy and a great show for you all.

Shows start at 7:00pm doors open at 6:30pm. All-ages. FREE

What is Vaudeville?

We recognize that not everyone may be familiar with this late 19th- and early 20th century artform, which combined an eclectic mix of performers on the same bill. For a modern equivalent, think of the television show "America's Got Talent," and how you see a little bit of everything on a given night.

A nice place to start learning more is by way of the high-level overview that was created for the PBS program "American Masters." For a much deeper dive, the University of Virginia hosts a comprehensive history of Vaudeville on their website, complete with audio recordings and video examples of some of the most recognizable acts in the Vaudeville canon. While we won't necessarily be drawing upon that specific collection of acts, the spirit of American Vaudeville will be prevalent each show as a diverse mix of performances entertain you; you may even learn something along the way.

Audition Information

Want to join us on stage but you're not sure whether what you do would be appropriate for the show? Consider the following questions:

- Is this appropriate for an all-ages audience?

- Is this something unique and entertaining that you do well?

If the answer is yes, then give it a shot, throw your hat into the ring, and see where the chips may fall. Vaudeville Mondays is looking for performers with talent and gusto. Performers can get anywhere from 5-45 min of stage time. Whether you are a dazzling dancer, a talented tumbler, a kooky kazoo player, a magnificent magician, a spellbinding singer-songwriter, or a captivating comedian we want to see you on the stage! You may submit a recording of your act by using the link below.

Vaudeville Audition Submission