Live Events

The Normal Theater is a fantastic, intimate space for a live concert or performance. With a maximum seating capacity of 390, the theater is in that "just right" zone of being not too-big and not too-small.

While the Normal Theater does not share the common history of many early 20th Century cinemas that began their lives as theatre or vaudeville spaces, the acoustics of the space are perfect for live voices or instruments. A great listening room, the theater is home to many different performances, with more and more being booked all the time.




Coalescence Theatre project presents a production of THE EXONERATED by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen. Directed by George Jackson III.

THE EXONERATED is a powerful docudrama that centers on six people who were wrongly convicted of and sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. The six interwoven stories paint a picture of an American criminal justice system gone horribly wrong—and of six brave souls who persevered to survive it.

THE EXONERATED features Elaine Hill, Claron Sharrieff, Anthony Overton, Jennifer Cirillo, Kim Wernecke, John Bowen, Wes Melton, Milagro Cortez, and Chuck Pettigrew.

Tabitha Miller, Production Manager for Coalescence will serve as stage manager and THE EXONERATED will be produced by Don Shandrow, Executive Artistic Director of Coalescence Theatre Project

"Riveting, Simple, honest storytelling that demands reflection" - Associated Press

"Artful and moving...pays tribute to the resilience of human hearts and minds."


Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool - Postponed

A Jazz / On Screen event, presented by Further Jazz, Inc. 

A new documentary exploring archival photos and home movies shot by Miles and his colleagues, as well as original paintings and manuscripts that help define the man behind the music. NR / 115 min.

A concert featuring Glenn Wilson & Friends will follow the film.