Live Events

The Normal Theater is a fantastic, intimate space for a live concert or performance. With a maximum seating capacity of 385, the theater is in that "just right" zone of being not too-big and not too-small.

While the Normal Theater does not share the common history of many early 20th Century cinemas that began their lives as theatre or vaudeville spaces, the acoustics of the space are perfect for live voices or instruments. A great listening room, the theater is home to many different performances, with more and more being booked all the time.

We look forward to sharing with you some fantastic live events this year!

Prairie Fire Theatre Presents: Baobob

Enjoy a FREE performance of Baobob. A giant lone tree, has anchored the peaceful island kingdom of La Bella Luna for thousands of years. But Baobob’s very existence is threatened when fortune hunter Dubuque La Crosse sails in with a treasure map, the first clue to the puzzle, and a gleam in his eye. After misinterpreting the puzzle, Dubuque rushes to cut down the revered and ancient Baobob tree. Who can thwart his vile plan? Papaya and Olive are the last descendants of the Ancient Order of Tree Keepers but they don’t seem up for the task. And what about Dubuque’s sidekick Smoot—will he go with the darkness or see the light filtering through the branches? Is an ancient tree even worth fighting for? With the help of the audience, this 40-minute musical romp comes to a riotous, operatic conclusion. Along the way, and with the audiences’ help, everyone learns that it helps to be prepared, it’s good to be brave, and trees are magnifique!

This funny but heartfelt opera features short selections from classical music repertoire presented in a way children love. The audience will also learn a couple of hints on writing their own stories. Baobob asks how we value natural resources and things that grow.

05/23  @  10:00am, 11:15am, & 12:30pm